St. Augustine is blessed with a committed staff and a Board of Advisors. The Mission is supervised under the auspices of the Archdiocese of Omaha. St. Augustine’s remains true to its Catholic heritage and welcomes students of all faiths. Students are taught traditional Native American culture and language and a solid core of academic basics.

Executive Board of Advisors

  • Archbishop George Lucas
  • Fr. Mark Beran – Director of St. Augustine Indian Mission
  • Justin Vossen – President    
  • Ryan Schroer – Vice President    
  • Felicia Masquat – Secretary

Board members

  • Greg Anderson
  • Kim Anderson  
  • Wendy Anderson
  • Dr. Johanna Barnes
  • Dr. Robert Cox 
  • Dan Dougherty
  • Larry Good
  • Adam Herink 
  • Tim McGill
  • Nate Merrick*
  • Jaime Monroe
  • Mike Peterson
  • Dr. Brent Rising
  • Mike Rogers
  • Greg Schwietz
  • Sarah Snake*
  • Kellie Snow*

  * Tribal Representative