School Admission

No child will be discriminated against because of race, sex, color, national origin or belief. All applicants are required to complete an enrollment application. All applications will be reviewed and those accepted for enrollment will be notified by the administration.

In order to maintain a degree of stability in the learning environment, new students, who are not enrolled by school?s opening, shall be received in September through Labor Day week only, and after Christmas break until January 15th. The only exception to this policy shall be a new student moving into the area and shall require the approval of the Mission Director or his designee.

Further, in choosing St. Augustine School, parents, guardians and students are presumed to be supportive of the values, goals and standards set by the school. If unresolved conflicts should occur, for the sake of the student, the parents would be expected to withdraw their child.


Students who voluntarily leave St. Augustine?s Mission School shall be re-admitted ONLY ONCE and only with the consent of the Administrator, Mission Director or his designee. Students seeking readmission shall be required to submit a written statement regarding the reason for their renewed interest in attending St. Augustine?s Mission School and outlining what their commitment to their academic success shall be. When considering a student for readmission the Administrator shall make a recommendation based upon review of the Exit Interview and the student?s academic and discipline records. Readmission shall be contingent upon the school?s ability to meet the child?s academic and emotional needs. Administrative decisions regarding readmission shall be final.Fees: More than 10,000 contributors of all levels from across the nation fund St. Augustine?s Mission School.

Parent(s) nonrefundable registration fee

Registration Fee – $500.00
Family Maximum – $1000.00

School Lunch Program

The School Lunch Program, which includes breakfast, is a State of Nebraska funded program. St. Augustine?s Mission School is bound by the guidelines set for the program by the state.

St. Augustine School is a provisional II School lunch program participant. All students are eligible to receive free school lunches and breakfasts.