St. Augustine student awarded by Children’s Scholarship Fund

Austin, a 7th grade student at St. Augustine Indian Mission, was recognized by the Children’s Scholarship Fund (CSF) for his leadership and service to others. The award was presented at the annual CSF luncheon, held in Omaha on June 5, 2013. Austin’s parents are Don and Cathy Blackbird. Don is our principal, and Cathy is our school lunch program coordinator. There was an added degree of difficulty involved in nominating him, as we did it without his parents knowledge!

Austin has been a Children’s Scholarship Fund recipient at St. Augustine Indian Mission since Kindergarten. He is a remarkable young man with LOTS of character and charm. His school day begins before 7 a.m., helping out in the kitchen, serving breakfast to his fellow students. These responsibilities are done voluntarily.

St. Augustine’s has a health program which includes running first thing each morning. Austin encourages fellow students to run and assists with the younger students. He takes time to run with the slower students even though he is one of the fastest runners. He has no boundaries when it comes to helping and encouraging his fellow students, academically and personally.