Catholic Schools Week: celebrating who we are

During the week of Jan. 28 – Feb. 1, 2013 Catholic Schools throughout the Archdiocese of Omaha celebrated Catholic Schools Week with special activities. Students at St. Augustine Indian Mission enjoyed several activities to mark the week. Activities included a chess tournament, and afternoon of ?Minute to Win It? games, a special reading incentive program, and a Native American style flute making workshop. The week ended with the faculty and staff having a day of reflection together led by Fr. Tom Fangman.

The week was also made special by having different dress codes throughout the week, for example one day was ?crazy mismatch day? and another day was ?sports jersey/apparel day?.

Special guests, Dennis Jackson and Rich Mahacek, came to work with the 6th-8th grade students on making Native American style flutes. Each of the students made their own flute using PVC pipe. Even though the flutes were not out of the traditional material of wood, the students were able to see how the instrument works and the process used in making them.

The incentive program for additional reading was the opportunity to throw a pie in the face of a faculty or staff member. Several staff members were good sports in allowing the students who had met the requirements for additional reading plaster them with a ?pie? (which was actually non-dairy whipped cream). The event created lots of enjoyment for everyone? (Except maybe for the people who had to clean up the gym afterward!) Chances are very good that more students were inspired to read more through that activity!

If you would like to see glimpses of some of the fun shared during Catholic Schools Week, you can click on the two ?movie trailer? style videos that were made as a result of the different activities. Enjoy!