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“I began playing the Native American flute in 2008 after one was presented to me at the beginning of Lent that year. The first time I played it publicly was at the end of the forty days of Lent, during our Good Friday service. Afterwards, a parishioner came up and asked me who had taught me how to play. Hearing my reply, ?No one,? she said, ?It comes to you naturally. That means the Creator intended you to pray to Him this way.? Over time, the Native American flute has become an instrument of prayer for me. And while I recognize that I am not an accomplished musician, (athletics have always claimed precedence over music), my love and respect for Native American culture, and the individuals God has placed in my life has moved me to share this recording with you. The songs recorded here are not what I could fairly call compositions; rather, they are spontaneous prayers that come from within, and are expressed through music.”

Songs and Prayers from St. Augustine?s ~?Song List |?Listen to the music online

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